Lessons From Losers

by F&M

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This album is a toast to those who continue to choose beauty and thoughtfulness. Pair this masterpiece with any Pinot Noir.

We are thankful to our families, band members (past and current), friends, fans, and artistic communities. Keep on, keeping on!


released September 21, 2018

F&M is:
Rebecca Anderson: enigmatic vocals, curious keys, & debauched organs
Ryan Anderson: tragic vocals & conflicted guitars
Bryan Miot Reichert: triumphant guitars, puzzling sounds, voluntary violin, & bass on “Funeral Director”
Chad Andriowski: outlandish percussions & drums
Tom Murray: sensual bass guitars
Jason Kodie: arousing piano on “Colmar”

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bryan Reichert at the Rhythm Egg in Edmonton, Alberta Canada (rhythmegg.com)

Produced by F&M (Ryan C. Anderson and Rebecca Anderson) and Bryan Reichert

Original Artwork: Amy Freelend
Photography: Francis A. Willey
Artwork Scanning: Glen Ronald of Spark Design
Layout / Design: Glen Erickson of ShamelessDesign.ca

2018 F&M (Ryan C. Anderson and Rebecca Anderson). All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by law.



all rights reserved




"F&M are a band that won’t stay a secret for very long.” -Beatroute

"Great musicianship with haunting beautiful melodies." -Merge Magazine

"F&M's art/style is something that needs to be guarded like a treasure." -Main Echo, Germany
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Track Name: Cling to the Cold
You can’t hold the wind, and you won’t break my heart with your words or hadn’t you heard
Winter is here, but let’s cling to the cold it’ll keep me sane again
The season is harsh, Harsher than harsh & grimmer than grim but here you are again
And the wind outside makes you feel small, smaller than small it’s how you feel again.
So cover your eyes then cradle your hate, then push it aside It’s no use to you again
Step into the gloom, let’s embrace the dark the somber’s lovely if you let it be
Now hold out your hands, and raise them up high as you reach for the sky.
Track Name: You Ravenous Heavenly Monster
Beneath a cathedral of trees,
Beneath a cathedral of trees,
I have since been dying.
You say that I’ve been dying since I met you!
You say that I’ve been dying since I met you!
ahh ahh ahhh ah ahhhhhh
The things I am - both love and hate -
sinner, pilgrim, blasphemer, saint.
And over my head, strong limbs and leaves,
connected ribs - cathedral of trees.
O come to me my love
O come to me my love
O come to me my love
You’ll come to me, you ravenous heavenly monster!
Oh come to me! You ravenous heavenly monster!
Our hands are haunting
These hands are haunted!
And so we walk in our own prayer
beneath a light that we should share.
And I would never lie to you my love
oh lie to you my love
lie to you my love.
O come to me my love
O come to me my love
You say that I’ve been dying since I met you
You say that I’ve been dying since I met you
oh wander in -
this new life wanders in
And I have since been dying
O stay by me my love
O be the life my love
Track Name: Colmar
We were walking by the sea, drinking a Tuscany, a super Tuscany red wine
There’s a subtle breeze and the sunshine looks like diamonds in your eyes
Cathedral bells and a gypsy choir a thinning crowd, it’s what I always want
straight train to Middle Italy
You wore that dress...
We’ll head next day to a coffee bar, I’ll get a car then we’ll head further south
Stop part way for an ocean swim, if you smile at me I’ll always answer back
You suggest we drive back North, I shrug- I can’t say no to you.
Hit the autobahn to Germany
Meet for drinks under autumn leaves
Sleep in late then head for anywhere it doesn’t matter, I’m here with you
A cheap motel and sauntering I need this place, these are the days in between.
hit Colmar sleep in a winery
I love being here with you
Track Name: Council of Misery
a council
of misery
oh you come
with your drums
and your gasoline
and your crowds to
fan the flames.
Oh enter
a council
of misery
oh you come
leaving behind
orphaned ideas
and abandoned desires.
What shall we do when you open your jaws?
What shall we do when you open your jaws?
Track Name: The Winter Lifts Me
Snow, Snow, Snow, it’s been snowing for hours (yet again)
It’s cold, cold, cold and it’s clearing my thoughts
Cuz I’ve been trapped, trapped, trapped in my head..
When I fall down, I always look up for the start of a song
I feel old, old, old... feeling so old...
time’s got me, but I’ve never got time
Life’s been full and I never got mine... yet
But I don’t think I’m going unscathed, ‘cause I’ve broken my soul
Trees stripped bare, their beauty is rare
the wind blows cold so i cover my hair
this land is old you can smell it in the air
It’s always been here under my feet, I give it my strife
Light up a candle, it’ll light up our sights
pour me some wine, it’ll straighten the night
turn up that song it might save our lives
Whenever I crash, the winter lifts me & I thank you for it
Track Name: Scribbles on a Sheet
Scribbles on a sheet, words on a page yeah you wrote it
Line upon line you craft out a rhyme yeah you felt it
Scratch out a line space out the words yeah you see it
The words you don’t write the rests in between will save it
You started in red then switched to a black yeah you paint it
Stroke across stroke you carve out a line yeah you meant it
Rub off the paint on the side of your leg yeah you made it
You smear your hand ‘cross the crux of the paint yeah you hate it
That smear you smile is the best you’ve painted all day
Harkens you back to a spot where you’d stay
Still on a beach where the sun met the grey
If only that spot would just leap on this page
I’d measure the lines and scream it on this stage
Track Name: Funeral Director
Am I a funeral director
Or a circus performer?
Funeral director?
Circus performer?
‘Cuz I’m balancing the dead in my mind, oh just
keeping company with the dearly departed, oh just
keeping company with the clearly broken hearted.
And deny!
And deny!
Just deny!
All that you have in me.
Am I a funeral director
Or a circus performer?
Funeral director?
Circus performer?
Now I’m swinging in the light of the music, oh just
keeping fantasy, alive, in the shadows, oh just
keep my fantasies, with me, my glorious freak shows!
And we cry!
And we cry!
And we cry!
existing without being.
Track Name: Quiet Nobility
The only place we’re treated equal is in a line at a bottle depot
Think that through I won’t explain it, the logic’s easy if you want it to
Prefer my beer in a tiny cup, makes me feel like I’m not in a rush
People watching for several hours is not wasted time, it’s not wasted time
There’s dignity in winter, a luxury in solitude
I sang that once I still believe it, but I’ll change the tune and pawn it off
Prefer my wine in a shining glass, in a darkened room but that too shall pass
I miss the ocean with all its sound, I miss the smell, we miss the sea
We’re craving gentility, discernment, a quiet nobility
We’re looking for takers, those craving the same thing
Sunsets come and sunsets go there all the same if you believe it so
That’s not my thought it never was but I’ll dress it up and pass it off
prefer my scotch in a crystal glass, makes the world seem a little less crass
There’s a joyous feel in a dim lit pub, a calm content, it’s heaven sent
It’s heaven sent and I’m almost there, almost there, almost there.
Track Name: Lessons From Losers
Lonely bird keep on, keep on, oh
risking all your happiness,
risk all your happy happy-ness.
Lonely bird keep on, keep on, oh
risking all your happiness,
risk all your happiness on me.
Lonely little bird, at the moment of your execution
you will hold on to, hold tightly to, the one who will see it through!
Lonely bird keep on, keep on, oh
risking all your happiness,
risk all your happy happy-ness.
Lonely bird keep on, keep on, oh
risking all your happiness,
risk all your happiness on me.
It is such a joy, to lose it all again, oh, with you dear!
Let’s keep aching, taking lessons from losers!

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